Description of the Workshops
Buttons and the Butterfly” is a photo-illustrated story about death, transformation and God’s enduring love that uses faith-based language to comfort the bereaved of all ages.  The book is available on Amazon. 

In “It's OK to Talk About Grief” workshops, the bereaved are guided from loss to hope and to remember their loved one with creative projects.  Attendees also receive copies of the “Buttons and the Butterfly” book.

Open to children and adults, we ask that young children and children/adults with special needs be accompanied by at least one caregiver, who could be an older sibling. Registration includes a copy of the book "Buttons and the Butterfly" and art supplies. We also provide handouts on how shared reading can help with the process of expressing grief, a list of other recommended books for children, teens, and adults, and a handout on resources for grief. In addition, grief specialists from the local area may be on hand to help the bereaved. Workbooks for children ("Buttons the Labradoodle's Activity Book") and for creative journals for adults ("Calm Waters") are available to help continue the grief journey.

If you're interested in attending or hosting an event, want to learn more, or to register, please email me at Events are available in Southern California during fall, winter, and spring, and Northwestern Montana in the summer. They last about an hour to an hour and a half. Registration: adult only $10; child + adult(s): $10.


“Thank you for this program. It helped our family so much when two of my daughter’s grandparents died in just a few months. It was good for all the generations to be around the table together working on the art projects to help remember them. Don’t change anything. It’s perfect the way it is.”